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Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata)

Magnolia stellata, commonly called the star magnolia, is a small deciduous shrub or small tree that typically grows with a rounded crown and is often grown as a large pyramidal multi-stemmed shrub. It is noted for its late winter (February) to early spring (March) bloom of star-shaped white flowers. Since blooms open early, they are subject to damage. It is the earliest of the deciduous magnolias to flower.  It is frost sensitive, so plant it in a protected site as it can be severely damaged by frost. It does tolerate heat. Winter, pubescent floral buds appear to be in need of a haircut and trim.

Best grown in full sun, but tolerates partial shade; flowers best in full sun. Appreciates consistent and even moisture in summer, and is intolerant of soil extremes (dry or wet), most urban pollutants, and high winds. Mulch helps retain soil moisture. Prune only if needed immediately after flowering.  If the plant needs rejuvenation, prune out 1-2 older stems per year. Attracts pollinators.

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