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Pin Oak (Quercus palustris)

Quercus palustris, the pin oak or swamp Spanish oak, is an oak in the red oak section. Pin oak is one one of the most commonly used landscaping oaks in its native range due to its ease of transplant, relatively fast growth, and pollution tolerance. Its distinctive shape is considered unique among hardwoods. Quercus palustris is mainly distributed in the eastern and central United States from Connecticut west to eastern Kansas, and south to Georgia, west to eastern Oklahoma and Kansas. Pin oak is a medium-sized deciduous tree growing to 59-72 feet tall, with a trunk up to 3.3 feet in diameter with a 24-26 foot spread. The leaves are broad, lobed, with five or seven lobes. Each lobe has five to seven bristle-tipped teeth. The pin oak’s acorns, borne in a shallow, thin cap, are green maturing to pale brown about 18 months after pollination.    

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